Privacy Policy

Any personal data or information you provide will be handled in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (2018).

I keep basic contact details which can include your name, age, address, phone number, email address, your medical practice details and if relevant your health insurance policy number. During therapy I may take anonymised notes about what is discussed. Sometimes we will fill out therapy-related worksheets. These notes/ worksheets are kept to assess and formulate psychological difficulties and guide the therapeutic process.

Your personal data is gathered primarily at assessment, during therapy sessions and also when requesting therapy services or making appointments. Contacting me via my website automatically captures your IP address. I don’t do anything with IP address details or use tools like Google Analytics. Your personal data is stored securely at all times. When personal data is considered to no longer be of use will be securely disposed of.

All personal data you provide (face-to-face, phone, email, on paper, video link, via my website) is treated as confidential. I attend regular clinical supervision to maintain good professional practice. In supervision I may discuss anonymised aspects of client information gained from therapy sessions but I don’t reveal identifying client details. Confidentiality will only be compromised if I become aware of a risk to yourself/ another person or if in extremely rare occurrences where I am asked to comply with law. Disclosure would be discussed with you beforehand. If you are referred via a third party agency/ health insurance company you may have agreed for information about your therapeutic progress to be shared between the third party and myself. Any other disclosure of personal data will only occur with your explicit agreement.

You may withdraw consent for me to store and process your personal data at any time through request to me by email or via my website ‘contact’ form.